Remember, TRANSFORMED HEALTH AND FITNESS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL IS NOT A GYM, BUT A PREMIER HEALTH AND FITNESS FACILITY designated to inspire you to move beyond your own expectations when it comes to your health and fitness.

One-on-One Consultation – Coach Kelvin will walk you through a private 360-degree fitness and nutritional assessment consultation discussing your needs, wants and desires for healthier, happier transformed YOU!

Fitness Assessment – During the “One-on-One Consultation,” Coach Kelvin will take you on the floor through a ten-minute fitness routine to assess your fitness level.


Nutritional Assessment and Eating Plans – Coach carefully analyzes what you are eating and how it contributes to your mind set, physical look and health, weight and/or athletic performance. Coach Kelvin does not recommend diets. He gives clients “Eating Plans” designed to help a person lose all of the the weight and fat needed to get into the “best shape of your life.”


Abs/Glutes Classes – Every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. and Saturdays from 7-8 a.m., Coach Kelvin and/or his Coaching assistants will take you on a 0-60 focused fitness session to build strength in your entire abdominal areas and your core. If you want more explosiveness in your athletic performance and day-to-day activities, and/or you want to have stronger and shapelier glutes, quads, this class is for you.

Coach Kelvin’s Camp – Every Saturday from 6-7 a.m. Coach gives an exclusive hardcore fitness training camp for seven individuals who desire to go to the next level of fitness. Pushing beyond the limits, Coach Kelvin’s Camp is meant to challenge, change and revolutionize your physical fitness.

Yoga Classes – TRANSFORMED provides yoga classes towards optimal fitness. Classes are focused on total body stretches to strengthen and tone a body uniformly with lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons; detoxifying the body of toxins. Those who take the class leave fully relaxed and in a better state-of-mind.

Body Massage – TRANSFORMED offers exclusive body massage and sports massage services for adults who desire to relax and stretch their muscles; contributing to an overall better mind, body and spirit. Please inquire about the special services by TRANSFORMED in house licensed massage therapist.

Sports Massage and Stretching - TRANSFORMED specializes in offering various static and passive-muscle stretching for the client that desires to focus on mobility and flexibility. For the client seeking to effectively and better recover from sports injury, these services are in perfect alignment with the overall fitness and recovery goals.

Behavioral Health Consultation and Support – TRANSFORMED understands the key to any successful weight loss program is to address what is going on within the person. Our in-house Behavioral Health Consultant specializes in identifying and addressing cultural considerations that influence eating and weight issues and lead to health disparities. For clients with eating disorders, and coping various with various behavioral health challenges impacting their fitness, health or nutritional programs, these confidential services are available for those who need or want the extra support.

Life Coaching - TRANSFORMED has in-house certified professional and life coaches who works with clients who wish to co-actively find their path towards fitness and health success. If someone feels stuck, needs direction towards achieving optimal health and wellness, these sessions are for you.