Kelvin "COACH" Moore

Founder, Owner & Operator Transformed Health & Fitness Ministries International

It’s amazing that even after 34 years in this industry I still have the passion and focus I had when I first started out. I started out as a personal trainer in April of 1981 at the Holiday Health Club (which changed its name to Bally’s). I can remember the first client I had nervous, anxious but excited about bringing about hope to the client and forever change their lives through both the motivation and education of health and fitness. I started out in getting involved in fitness while in the United States Marine Corp. A friend asked me to go the gym and train and it was my first time ever. Once I lifted the barbell off the bench it was as though a light shined ever so brightly over my head and I got hooked! I enlisted as an 0311 (Infantry) while in basic training in Paris Island and was selected to work at Marine Barracks Washington, DC. There I received a first class White House clearance and stood duties at the Washington Navy Yard, Marine Barrack, Camp David in Maryland and the ceremonial honor guard and drill team parades during the summer months.

I received an honorable discharge and came back to my home town and it’s where the journey began for me in fitness. I did my first bodybuilding competition in late 1981 and competed for over 13 years winning various competitions throughout the state of Connecticut. I hung up the posing trunks and didn’t compete for about 10 years. In 2009 once I retired from the state of Connecticut as a supervisor at a juvenile prison institution I decided to get back in the game and get back on stage. I recently won the Masters 50 plus competition in New Jersey (USA) four weeks ago at age 53. I worked at many gyms and training facilities over my 33 year span in fitness. I have trained trainers, conducted seminars and workshops for high school, college and semiprofessional sports organizations and have had the honor to train various pro athletes over the years such as Marcus Camby (New York Knicks-NBA/USA), Chris Baker (Washington Redskins-NFL/USA), Ryan Gomes (Oklahoma City Thunder-NBA USA), Gary Burnham (MLB and overseas USA) and others.

I presently own and operate one of Connecticut’s premiere training/conditioning facilities (USA) called Transformed Health and Fitness Ministries International, LLC in Bloomfield, Connecticut. As the CEO and founder it has been four years, and with our unique style of super functional, band resistance, bodyweight, high intensity training we have been voted one of the top training facilities in New England (USA). Our client base ranges from 16 to 65 years of age with 85% of our clients being female. Our clients come to us with a variety of health issues ranging from diabetes to eating disorders. A large majority of them (90%), overcome their weight issues and live a long and prosperous lives.

Our facility is also equipped and staffed with an on-site nutritionist, a psychologist and a massage therapist. We have clients all across the United States and in other countries such as Brazil, Ghana West Africa and we are scheduled to go to Columbia and the Philippines in the upcoming months. Transformed has become an international fitness agent for the 21st century and our product speaks for itself.

Our goal is to branch out into other states and countries and train and teach people how to train better and live longer through the combination of nutrition and training.


“Conditioning takes over when talent runs out….”